Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Debut no picnic for Wakamatsu

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RossK said...

When Jeff Schwarz got called up to the ChiSox bullpen a couple of years later, after a decade in the minors, he told me that his big league meal money that year was more than his entire AAA salary the previous season.

By the end of the following season he was out of baseball.

A bigger hard luck story amongst C's AAA players, though, I think, was that of Steve Springer.

I got to see him play in his his first complete major league start in Candlestick for the Mets, also after a decade in the minors...Springer went 2-5 and made bazillionare Bobby-Bo look like a sloth when, playing at 2nd, he chased down a deep pop into short right that Bonilla didn't even move on...Unlike Schwarz, or the much less serviceable Jeff Schaefer, unfortunately Springer never got a full season, or even a full month, in the bigs.